Revenge of the Nerds

D: Jeff Kanew
20th Century Fox/Interscope (Ted Field & Peter Samuelson)
US 1984
90 mins


W: Steve Zacharias, Jeff Buhai, Tim Metcalfe & Miguel Tejada-Flores
DP: King Baggot
Ed: Alan Balsam
Mus: Thomas Newman

Robert Carradine (Lewis), Anthony Edwards (Gilbert), Timothy Busfield (Poindexter), Julie Montgomery (Betty Childs), John Goodman (Coach Harris)

Like Porky's, this is one of the better gross-out/college sex comedies of the early 1980's, following the success of National Lampoon's Animal House (qv).
The story is juvenile simplicity at its most low key, a group of misfit freshman get ousted from their fraternity dorm by the football team and plan their own brand of revenge at the college homecoming festival.
The humour is on a par with the Police Academy movies, but there's several jokes that raise a smile. Geeky fun.

Revenge of the Nerds
Revenge of the Nerds