Red Sonja

D: Richard Fleischer
MGM/United Artists/Thorn EMI (Christian Ferry)
Netherlands / US 1985
89 mins


W: Clive Exton & George MacDonald Fraser [based on characters created by Robert E. Howard]         
DP: Giuseppe Rotunno
Ed: Frank J. Urioste
Mus: Ennio Morricone
PD: Danilo Donati

Brigitte Nielsen (Red Sonja), Arnold Schwarzenegger (Kalidor), Sandahl Bergman (Queen Gedren), Paul Smith (Falkon), Ernie Reyes, Jr. (Prince Tam), Ronald Lacey (Ikol)

Comic-book style sword & sorcery Conan the Barbarian spinoff seeming to tap into a female audience by introducing Brigette Nielsen as the new European action hero(ine) alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger. 
An evil witch steals a magical talisman which only women may touch from a convent and wreaks havoc amongst the kingdoms. Sonja, a female swordfighter, swears to avenge her sister's death at the hands of the witch and is joined by a mighty warrior, an obnoxious young prince and his obese servant in her quest.
The film hasn't dated particularly well, with some ropey special effects, unconvincing sets and atrocious sound mixing which makes the dialogue sound as though it were recorded through a pillow.
Perhaps it's true what they say. Only women may touch it.

Brigette Nielsen in Red Sonja
Brigette Nielsen in Red Sonja