Rat Race

D: Jerry Zucker
Paramount/Fireworks/Alphaville (Jerry Zucker, Janet Zucker & Sean Daniel)
US 2001 
112 mins


W: Andy Breckman
DP: Thomas Ackerman
Ed: Tom Lewis
Mus: John Powell

Rowan Atkinson (Enrico Pollini), John Cleese (Donald P. Sinclair), Whoopi Goldberg (Vera Baker), Cuba Gooding, Jr. (Owen Templeton), Seth Green (Duane Cody), Jon Lovitz (Randy Pear), Breckin Meyer (Nick Schaffer), Kathy Najimy (Bev Pear), Amy Smart (Tracy Faucet)

A group of misfit Las Vegas gamblers participate in a race to find $2m hidden in New Mexico, unaware that other gamblers are betting on the outcome of the race.
In the vein of It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World and other such capers, the comedy centres on cheap slapstick rather than character-developed comedy or quirky dialogue.
Considering the talent involved, there's no excuse for the lack of humour and generally poor performances on display here.

Rat Race
Rat Race