D: Oren Moverman
Millennium/Amalgam (Michael DeFranco, Ben Foster, Lawrence Inglee, Ken Kao & Clark Peterson)
US 2011
108 mins


W: Oren Moverman & James Ellroy [based on a story by James Ellroy]
DP: Bobby Bukowski
Ed: Jay Rabinowitz
Mus: Dickon Hinchcliffe

Woody Harrelson (Dave Brown), Ice Cube (Kyle Timkins), Ned Beatty (Hartshorn), Anne Heche (Catherine), Steve Buscemi (Bill Blago), Sigourney Weaver (Joan Confrey)

An absolutely fantastic performance by Woody Harrelson but on the whole, this movie is quite disappointing.
Harrelson plays bad boy cop Dave "Date Rape" Brown, who acquired his ominous nickname for killing a date rapist in cold blood.  When his superiors investigate him for using extreme police brutality, Dave becomes more involved in addiction to drugs and alcohol as he descends into self-pity as his dysfunctional family turn their back on him.
Unfortunately, one great performance can't put a positive spin on depressing material and the final moments leave the story open, leaving you wanting much needed closure. 
Woody Harrelson in Rampart
Woody Harrelson in Rampart