The Philadelphia Experiment

D: Stewart Raffill
New World/Cinema Group (Joel B. Michaels & Douglas Curtis)
US 1984
101 mins
Science Fiction
W: William Gray & Michael Janover [based on the book by William I. Moore & Charles Berlitz]
DP: Dick Bush
Ed: Neil Travis & William Hoy
Mus: Ken Wannberg 
Michael Paré (David Herdeg), Nancy Allen (Allison Hayes), Eric Christmas (Dr. James Longstreet), Bobby DiCicco (Jim Parker), Louise Latham (Pamela)
Modest low-budget science fiction which sees a US naval ship, the subject of a cloaking experiment during WWII, miraculously transported 40 years into the future.
Despite obvious financial restraints, the film is generally entertaining, although its attempts at carving a love story into the plot are unnecessary and the claims that it's based on a true story are a bit too far-fetched.
The Philadelphia Experiment
The Philadelphia Experiment