The Phantom


D: Simon Wincer
Paramount/Village Roadshow (Robert Evans & Alan Ladd, Jr.)
US/Australia 1996
100 mins


W: Jeffrey Boam [based on characters created by Lee Falk]
DP: David Burr
Ed: O. Nicholas Brown & Bryan H. Carroll
Mus: David Newman

Billy Zane (Kit Walker / The Phantom), Kristy Swanson (Diana Palmer), Treat Williams (Xander Drax), Catherine Zeta-Jones (Sala), James Remar (Quill)

Of all the comic book movies filmed during the course of the 1990's, The Phantom must rank amongst the most boring. It's not quite alongside Batman & Robin on the scale of general awfulness, but is not a million miles from it either.
The plot sees a masked superhero foil the plans of a pirate, who hopes to use the power of three magic skulls to become a dictatorial leader of America.
It feels more of a half-arsed Indiana Jones clone than a comic book adaptation, with far too many stale action scenes, poor dialogue, tacky costumes and all the cast look a little bit embarrassed to be part of it all, especially Billy Zane, who has to wear skintight purple spandex throughout. 

Catherine Zeta-Jones & Billy Zane in The Phantom
Catherine Zeta-Jones & Billy Zane in The Phantom