Pushing Tin

D: Mike Newell
20th Century Fox/Fox 2000/Regency (Art Linson)
US 1999
124 mins
W: Glen Charles & Les Charles [based on the article "Something's Got To Give" by Darcy Frey]
DP: Gale Tattersall
Ed: Jon Gregory
Mus: Anne Dudley
John Cusack (Nick Falzone), Billy Bob Thornton (Russell Bell), Cate Blanchett (Connie Falzone), Angelina Jolie (Mary Bell), Jake Weber (Barry Plotkin)
A rivalry develops at an air traffic control centre between a cocksure employee and a mysterious newcomer, adding more fizz to what is supposedly one of the most stressful jobs a person could do.
The story is mostly cock-measuring between John Cusack & Billy Bob Thornton's characters as they both slug it out to be the top dog at their profession. All the performances are fine, and the film is entertaining enough, though it can't quite decide whether it's a comedy, drama or even a thriller, eventually settling for all three with a mix which doesn't quite take off.

Billy Bob Thornton & John Cusack in Pushing Tin
Billy Bob Thornton & John Cusack in Pushing Tin