Pure Luck

D: Nadia Tass
Universal/Silver Lion (Lance Hool & Sean Daniel)
US 1991
96 mins
W: Herschel Weingrod & Timothy Harris [based on the screenplay "La Chèvre" by François Veber]
DP: David Parker
Ed: Billy Weber
Mus: Jonathan Sheffer & Danny Elfman

Danny Glover (Raymond Campanella), Martin Short (Eugene Proctor), Sheila Kelley (Valerie Highsmith), Sam Wanamaker (Highsmith), Scott Wilson (Frank Grimes), Harry Shearer (Monosoff)
Slapstick farce remake of a French film, which partners Danny Glover as a detective who enlists the help of an accident-prone moron, hoping that it will help lead him to an equally calamitous heiress. 
The film lacks genuinely funny moments, but is quite easy to watch. The enjoyment heavily depends on whether or not you like seeing Martin Short (in pain). It probably worked better in French.

Danny Glover & Martin Short in Pure Luck
Danny Glover & Martin Short in Pure Luck