Project X

D: Jonathan Kaplan
20th Century Fox (Walter F. Parkes & Lawrence Lasker)
US 1987
108 mins
W: Stanley Weiser
DP: Dean Cundey
Ed: O. Nicholas Brown
Mus: James Horner

Matthew Broderick (Jimmy Garrett), Helen Hunt (Teri MacDonald), Bill Sadler (Dr. Carroll), Johnny Ray McGhee (Robertson), Jonathan Stark (Sgt. Krieger)        
A young Air Force cadet rebels against his superiors when he realises that his mission of training chimpanzees to fly flight simulators has an ulterior motive.
A well-intentioned stab at a thriller with a zoological theme, though it might have been more powerful had it not been aimed at a juvenile audience.
With Matthew Broderick in the lead, it strikes similarities with 1983's War Games (qv), but not quite as good.

Matthew Broderick in Project X
Matthew Broderick in Project X