D: David Swift
Disney (George Golitzen)
US 1960
134 mins
W: David Swift [based on the novel by Eleanor Porter]
DP: Russell Harlan
Ed: Frank Gross
Mus: Paul Smith
PD: Carroll Clark & Robert Clatworthy

Hayley Mills (Pollyanna Whittier), Jane Wyman (Polly Harrington), Karl Malden (Rev. Ford), Kevin Corcoran (Jimmy Bean), Nancy Olson (Nancy Furman), Adolphe Menjou (Mr. Pendergast), Donald Crisp (Mayor Karl Warren), Agnes Moorehead (Mrs. Snow)
Typically twee Disney vehicle for its juvenile star of the day, Hayley Mills, as a happy-go-lucky orphan who cheers up her small town's most miserable resident. 
Much of the film feels dated by modern standards, but it's perfectly adequate family entertainment for a rainy afternoon.
Hayley Mills in Pollyanna
Hayley Mills in Pollyanna