Poison Ivy

D: Katt Shea Ruben
New Line (Andy Ruben)
US 1992
89 mins
W: Katt Shea Ruben & Andy Ruben
DP: Phedon Papamichael
Ed: Gina Mittleman
Mus: Aaron Davies
Drew Barrymore (Ivy), Sara Gilbert (Sylvie Cooper), Tom Skerritt (Darryl Cooper), Cheryl Ladd (Georgie Cooper), Leonardo DiCaprio (Guy)
Sensationalist softcore thriller which capitalises on Drew Barrymore's bad girl image following her fall from grace as a former child star whose career took a downturn after her involvement with alcohol & drugs.
Her performance in this film is generally very good, as a teenage schoolgirl who seduces her best friend's father and intends to murder his invalid wife.
Despite the performance of Barrymore, the story is quite tawdry and distasteful, with no real motivation to the young girl's character other than pure lust. Perhaps that was the screenwriter's point.
The film gained more success on home video and cable viewings than it did during its cinema run, and a spawn of sequels resulted, none of which were particularly good.
Drew Barrymore in Poison Ivy
Drew Barrymore in Poison Ivy