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The scream you hear may be your own
The scream you hear may be your own
D: Clint Eastwood
Universal/Malpaso (Robert Daley)
US 1972
102 mins
W: Jo Heims & Dean Riesner
DP: Bruce Surtees
Ed: Carl Pingitore
Mus: Dee Barton
Clint Eastwood (Dave Garver), Jessica Walter (Evelyn Draper), Donna Mills (Tobie Williams), John Larch (Sgt. McCallum)
One of the first thrillers to deal with obsessive fandom, nearly two decades before it was done to perfection in Misery, though this is more about an obsessive love affair.
Clint Eastwood plays a radio disc jockey who is stalked by a female admirer who turns out to be homicidal.
It's a decent melodramatic thriller from the earlier days of Clint Eastwood's career. The formula has been done to death now though, most famously in 1987's Fatal Attraction (qv), so this effort merely blends in with the crowd.
The performances are good, without being totally mesmerising.

Play Misty For Me
Play Misty For Me