D: Joe Chapelle
Miramax/Dimension (Michael Leahy, Robert Pringle & Joel Soisson)
US 1998
91 mins


W: Dean Koontz [based on his novel]
DP: Greg Littlewood & Richard Clabaugh
Ed: Randolph Bricker
Mus: David C. Williams

Peter O'Toole (Dr. Timothy Flyte), Rose McGowan (Lisa Pailey), Liev Schreiber (Deputy Stuart Wargle), Joanna Going (Jennifer Pailey), Ben Affleck (Sheriff Bryce Hammond)

Straight to video shit which only received a brief theatrical run to cash-in on Ben Affleck's name following his breakthrough appearances in Armageddon & Good Will Hunting.
In a remote Colorado town, two girls are left stranded while scientist Peter O'Toole and obnoxious sheriff Ben Affleck try to figure out who or what is killing everyone.
Based on the novel by Dean Koontz, this is the kind of material which didn't feel out of place in the bargain buckets of local video stores. Trying to pass itself off as something grander is deceitful lies.
Affleck is completely miscast here as a small town sheriff, but the biggest surprise is Peter O'Toole's involvement. He's too good an actor to take part in this sort of rubbish.