Passenger 57


D: Kevin Hooks
Warner Bros. (Lee Rich, Dan Paulson & Dylan Sellers)
US 1992
84 mins
W: David Loughery, Dan Gordon & Stewart Raffill
DP: Mark Irwin
Ed: Richard Nord
Mus: Stanley Clarke

Wesley Snipes (John Cutter), Bruce Payne (Charles Rane), Tom Sizemore (Sly Delvecchio), Alex Datcher (Marti Slayton), Bruce Greenwood (Stuart Ramsey), Robert Hooks (Dwight Henderson), Elizabeth Hurley (Sabrina Ritchie)

Die Hard on an aeroplane, starring Wesley Snipes as an ass-kicking sky marshal who happens to be sat in seat 57 when a psychopath takes control of the flight in order to escape custodial sentence.

All the usual Hollywood blockbuster clichés are present, from cheesy one-liners ("always bet on black") during the action scenes to a tacked-on love interest in the form of a feisty flight attendant. Even the main villain puts on an unconvincing British accent so even sight-impaired viewers can be clear that it's a Hollywood action movie. 

The ridiculous ending abandons the idea of a mid-air frenzy in favour of a shootout at a fairground. It's just one of those brainless movies, folks. 

Personally, I think the title would have worked better if the maniac was the passenger in seat 57 and Wesley Snipes was in a totally different movie.


Wesley Snipes & Bruce Payne in Passenger 57
Wesley Snipes & Bruce Payne in Passenger 57