Paranormal Activity

What happens when you sleep?
What happens when you sleep?
D: Oren Peli
Paramount/Blumhouse/Sorana (Oren Peli & Jason Blum)
US 2007 (Released 2009)
88 mins (unrated cut: 99 mins)
W: Oren Peli
DP: Oren Peli
Ed: Oren Peli 


Katie Featherstone (Katie), Micah Sloat (Micah)
A horror movie given a documentary-style feel but doesn't feel as real as Cloverfield, Rec and other movies of the same theme. 
The limited plot merely concerns a young married couple who film paranormal events during the night as they sleep.
This is generally about as scary as one of those YouTube videos where it shows a room and you have to "look for the ghost" only for an image of something scary to flash onto the screen accompanied by a loud scream. The difference is those YouTube videos are short, Paranormal Activity is over 85 minutes longer.
For some reason, the film had huge commercial success and an endless string of sequels with exactly the same plot followed. Yawn.

Paranormal Activity
Paranormal Activity