Fear what happens next
Fear what happens next
D: Christian Alvart
Icon/Constantin/Impact (Robert Kulzer, Jeremy Bolt & Paul W. S. Anderson)
UK/Germany 2009
108 mins

Science Fiction/Horror

W: Travis Milloy & Christian Alvart
DP: Wedigo Von Schultzendorff
Ed: Philipp Stahl & Yvonne Valdez
Mus: Michl Britsch

Dennis Quaid (Lt. Payton), Ben Foster (Cpl. Bower), Cam Gigandet (Young Cpl. Gallo), Antje Traue (Nadia), Cung Le (Manh), Eddie Rouse (Leland)

Paul W. S. Anderson's involvement in this prevents it from being a credible movie. He's easily one of the worst directors working today, carving a career out of making terrible film adaptations of video games.
He didn't actually direct this, but served as producer- still, it's apparent that he had some influence in the direction, the movie looks like it's trying to be a video game. 
The bare bones of the story have a lot of potential. Two astronauts wake up from hyper-sleep in a seemingly derelict spacecraft only to discover they are not alone and the crew are being hunted by zombie-like, cannibalistic creatures.
In the hands of better filmmakers this could have been a decent science fiction horror in the style of Event Horizon (qv), unfortunately the potential is torn to shreds by terrible direction and editing which make it nothing but complete and utter nonsense.