D: Julius Avery

Paramount/Bad Robot (J.J. Abrams & Lindsey Weber)

US 2018

110 mins


W: Billy Ray & Mark L. Smith

DP: Laurie Rose & Fabian Wagner

Ed: Matt Evans

Mus: Jed Kurzel

Jovan Adepo (Pvt. Boyce), Wyatt Russell (Cpl. Ford), Mathilde Ollivier  (Chloe), John Magaro (Tibbet), Pilou Asbæk (Wagner)

Set during the build up to the D-Day Landings during World War II, the plot follows a small platoon of Paratroopers who land in a small French village where their mission is to destroy a radio tower in an old church, however, it emerges that not all is as it seems as secret experiments in the catacombs unleash a biological weapon which the Nazi's plan to yield... an army of undead soldiers.

Nazi zombies may sound like something from a cheesy 80's flick directed by John Carpenter, but it is done quite effectively in this 2018 movie, although with a bit too much seriousness than was actually needed.

The cast are generally good, particularly Mathilde Ollivier as a French village girl whose family have been affected by the experiments and there's plenty of grizzly gore and shock moments which put this a cut above most horrors released by major Hollywood studios nowadays. 

Some of the visual effects are a little ropey, but the  majority of the practical and makeup effects make up for this, and it's refreshing to see in an age of CGI.

Merging genres doesn't always come off (as seen in 2011's Cowboys & Aliens), but it does work quite well here... although some theories tying this into the Cloverfield movies (also produced by J.J. Abram's company Bad Robot) or Marvel's Captain America stories come up way too short. It wasn't that good, fanboys.