Open Water

D: Chris Kentis
Lionsgate/Plunge/Eastgate (Laura Lau & Estelle Lau)
US 2003 (released 2004)
79 mins


W: Chris Kentis
DP: Chris Kentis & Laura Lau
Ed: Chris Kentis
Mus: Graeme Revell

Blanchard Ryan (Susan Watkins), Daniel Travis (Daniel Kintner)

Open Water is a film which received some very mixed reviews upon its original release, but compared with many other Jaws-inspired, stranded-at-sea horror movies, it makes for a pleasant surprise.
The production qualities at the beginning make it look like a softcore porn movie but as soon as the action is solely located to the water, where a couple of scuba-divers become separated from the rest of their party as sharks circle around them, it becomes an atmospheric and realistic thriller which will have you on the edge of your seat, especially if you harbour a fear of sharks. 
The acting from the two principles was very good, especially Blanchard Ryan, not a well-known name, but her performance here really should have developed into a more successful career.
I also felt it was an incredibly brave decision to snub a Hollywood ending for something more downbeat. For me, this is what made the terror truly terrifying.

Open Water
Open Water