One Hour Photo


D: Mark Romanek
20th Century Fox/Fox Searchlight/Catch 23/Killer/Madjak (Christine Vachon, Pamela Koffler & Stan Wlodkowski)
US 2002
95 mins
W: Mark Romanek
DP: Jeff Cronenweth
Ed: Jeffrey Ford
Mus: Reinhold Heil & Johnny Klimek
Robin Williams (Sy Barrett), Connie Nielsen (Nina Yorkin), Michael Vartan (Will Yorkin), Gary Cole (Bill Owens), Dylan Smith (Jake Yorkin), Eriq La Salle (Det. James Van Der Zee)

Not quite the psychological thriller it's marketed as, far more a complex character study of infatuation and obsession, gripping though it is simply because of Robin Williams' strong central performance in a role which is very much against the actor's usual type. Aside from this performance, or had the casting been any other actor, this would be a rather forgettable, average movie.

On a separate note, it is photographed very well, with photography being one of the main plot devices in the story, but this is very much style over substance, with writer-director Mark Romanek showing some stylish flourishes with his debut feature, but there's much room for further development.


Robin Williams in One Hour Photo
Robin Williams in One Hour Photo