Office Christmas Party

Party like your job depends on it
Party like your job depends on it


D: Josh Gordon & Will Speck

Paramount/Dreamworks/Reliance/Bluegrass (Scott Stuber, Guymon Casady & Daniel Rappaport)

US 2016

105 mins


W: Justin Malen, Laura Solon, Dan Mazer, Jon Lucas, Scott Moore & Timothy Dowling

DP: Jeff Cutter

Ed: Jeff Groth & Evan Henke

Mus: Theodore Shapiro

Jason Bateman (Josh Parker), Olivia Munn (Tracey Hughes), T.J. Miller (Clay Vanstone), Jennifer Aniston (Carol Vanstone), Kate McKinnon (Mary Winetoss), Courtney B. Vance (Walter Davis)

The employees from the most unprofessional software company on the planet throw an office Christmas party, against the wishes of their CEO, in the hopes that it will convince a financial benefactor to sign a contract with them and prevent job cuts... although this storyline is dropped before the halfway mark of the film as it instead goes to the blueprint of comedy from The Hangover films.

There could have been a good movie here, but the characters are just as annoying before the party as they are during or after, and it's only Jennifer Aniston's character as the bitchy CEO which has any sense of realism to it - and she's the supposed movie villain!  The film starts with a handful of throwaway scenes with jokes that fall flat and don't really move the plot along and the jokes throughout the party centre around a bunch of arseholes acting like a bunch of arseholes.

Six writers, two directors, but not a single memorable joke. Watch the Christmas special to the UK television series The Office instead, it's far more rewarding.


T.J. Miller & Jason Bateman in Office Christmas Party
T.J. Miller & Jason Bateman in Office Christmas Party