The Nun

THE NUN (15)

D: Corin Hardy

Warner Bros/New Line/Atomic Monster (Peter Safran & James Wan)

US 2018

96 mins


W: Gary Dauberman & James Wan

DP: Maxime Alexander

Ed: Michel Aller & Ken Blackwell

Mus: Abel Korzeniowski

Demián Bichir (Father Burke), Taissa Farmiga (Sister Irene), Jonas Bloquet (Maurice 'Frenchie' Theriault), Bonnie Arens (Valak/The Nun)

The Nun is a mess of a horror movie which seemingly ties into The Conjuring series of films (which I had not even seen at the time of review).

Set in the early 1950's, a nun seemingly commits suicide at a desolate, creepy monastery in Romania and is subsequently investigated by Father Burke and his companion Sister Irene, still in her noviciate, are also accompanied by Frenchie, an irritating French-Canadian with a confusing accent.

Unholy goings-on around the Romanian convent can only mean one thing... the building is possessed by evil, explained with endless exposition scenes which lead up to a messy conclusion which is so poorly directed, it's almost impossible to tell what's going on.

The first act of film is quite atmospherically done, but it doesn't take long for the film to resort to jump scares to the point that the film merely becomes three or four quiet moments punctuated by the sudden and abrupt appearance of a heretic nun who looks like Marilyn Manson.  Taissa Farmiga is fine in the lead, but the other performances are far from convincing and the attempts at comedy in the script fall very flat.

Perhaps the film should have been called The Nunjuring, so I would have done appropriate homework prior to watching.


The Nun
The Nun