D: Norman Jewison
MGM (Patrick Palmer & Norman Jewison)
US 1987
102 mins
W: John Patrick Shanley
DP: David Watkin
Ed: Lou Lombardo
Mus: Dick Hyman

Cher (Loretta Castorini), Nicolas Cage (Ronny Cammareri), Vincent Gardenia (Cosmo Castorini), Olympia Dukakis (Rose Castorini), Danny Aiello (Johnny Cammareri)
Cher stars as Loretta Castorini, an Italian-American accountant from Brooklyn, who finds herself falling in love with the brother of her betrothed in this contemporary romantic comedy. 
A huge hit at the time of its release, it's become a rather forgotten film since, despite winning Oscars for both Cher & Olympia Dukakis, as well as for the original screenplay by John Patrick Shanley.

Cher & Nicolas Cage in Moonstruck
Cher & Nicolas Cage in Moonstruck