Monsters Inc./Monsters University

D: Pete Docter
Disney/Pixar (Darla K. Anderson)
US 2001
92 mins
W: Andrew Stanton & Daniel Gerson
Mus: Randy Newman
voices of: Billy Crystal (Mike Wazowski), John Goodman (James P. "Sulley" Sullivan), Mary Gibbs (Boo), Steve Buscemi (Randall Boggs), James Coburn (Henry J. Waternoose), Jennifer Tilly (Celia Mae)
Yet again Pixar make huge steps in progressing computer animation with this, its fourth feature length film, but the story is weaker than some of the studio's other films. Aimed mostly at young children.
Set in a parallel universe called Monstropolis and solely occupied by monsters, they rely on the screams of human children to power their world. The twist is that the monsters are far more afraid of children than the children are of them, and Monstropolis is thrown into chaos when a little girl is stranded there. 
Enjoyable enough, but it's no Toy Story.

Monsters, Inc.
Monsters, Inc.
D: Dan Scanlon
Disney/Pixar (Kori Rae)
US 2013
104 mins
W: Daniel Gerson, Dan Scanlon & Robert L. Baird
Mus: Randy Newman
voices of: Billy Crystal (Mike Wazowski), John Goodman (James P. "Sulley" Sullivan), Steve Buscemi (Randall Boggs), Helen Mirren (Abigail Hardscrabble)

A doubtlessly enjoyable (especially for under-10's) but rather pointless prequel to Pixar's very successful 2001 smash Monsters, Inc.

The story of this is pretty much what it says on the tin, monster pals Sulley & Mike meet at university and put their initial rivalry aside to participate in a teamwork ethic which sees the winners initiated into the university's top 'scare program'.

Not that kiddies would mind, but there seemed to be mixed messages in this film. For the most part it seemed as thought the moral of the story was that teamwork is greater than individual achievement and if you work and study hard enough, you'll achieve your goals. Then the film pulls a sucker punch with a 'cheats never prosper' message and the only way you get to where you're going is to start on the bottom rung.

Perhaps we shouldn't read too much into the morals of the story because it is, after all, a children's movie. Nevertheless, the whole film seemed rather pointless due to the fact that the whole 'scream collecting' from sleeping children was debunked in the first movie.

Great animation from Pixar once again, but it simply doesn't scale the heights of their finest and best works.

Monsters University
Monsters University