Meteor Man

D: Robert Townsend
MGM/Tinsel Townsend (Loretha C. Jones)
US 1993
99 mins
Science Fiction/Adventure
W: Robert Townsend
DP: John A. Alonzo
Ed: Adam Bernardi
Mus: Cliff Eidelman

Robert Townsend (Jefferson Reed / Meteor Man), Marla Gibbs (Maxine Reed), Eddie Griffin (Michael Anderson), Robert Guillaume (Ted Reed), James Earl Jones (Earnest Moses), Bill Cosby (Marvin)
A novel idea to launch a new black superhero from the ghetto, gaining his powers after being hit by a meteor and using them to fight crime and clean up his gang-ridden neighbourhood.
Good intentions aside, it simply lacks any qualities to make it memorable, despite being reasonably entertaining overall, though it is incredibly cheesy.
When people say Black Panther was the first superhero movie with an African-American cast, remind them nicely that this existed 25 years previously, and though it may not have been blessed with a huge budget, it also wasn't necessary to sling heinous allegations at sycophantic film critics.

Robert Townsend in Meteor Man
Robert Townsend in Meteor Man