D: Tom Ropelewski 
Rank/Orion (Leslie Dixon)
US 1990
90 mins
W: Tom Ropolewski
DP: Denis Lewiston
Ed: Michael Jablow
Mus: David Newman
John Larroquette (Mark), Kirstie Alley (Jessie), Alison LaPlaca (Claudia), John Diehl (Fred), Jessica Lundy (Bernice), Bradley Gregg (Jonathan)
Mediocre domestic comedy in which a married couple dread the impending visit from their in-laws, all of whom are unabashedly obnoxious.
The jokes are quite obvious and the film as a whole isn't particularly memorable.
Sitcom material at best, the only thing it's lacking is a soundtrack full of canned laughter.
John Larroquette & Kirstie Alley in Madhouse
John Larroquette & Kirstie Alley in Madhouse