LOSER (15)

D: Amy Heckerling
Columbia (Amy Heckerling & Twink Caplan) 
US 2000
95 mins
W: Amy Heckerling
DP: Rob Hahn
Ed: Debra Chiate
Mus: David Kitay
Jason Biggs (Paul), Mena Suvari (Dora), Zak Orth (Adam), Tom Sadoski (Chris), Jimmi Simpson (Noah), Greg Kinnear (Prof. Edward Alcott), Dan Aykroyd (Mr. Tannek)
Released at a time when teenage sex comedies like American Pie & Road Trip were ten a penny, Loser dares to go against the grain by having an ostracised Midwest farmboy at a New York university as its main protagonist.
The trouble is, it plays it far too safe, with a lead character with absolutely no charisma and feels more like a preach against the "Youth of America's" behaviour.
There are much better anti-drugs campaigns than this, although Weezer's song "Teenage Dirtbag", with a music video which ties somewhat into the film, has ensured that this dirge has a little bit of longevity, but not much.
Jason Biggs in Loser
Jason Biggs in Loser