How long can you hold your breath?
How long can you hold your breath?
D: George Pan Cosmatos
20th Century Fox/Gordon/Filmauro (Luigi de Laurentiis & Aurelio de Laurentiis)
US/Italy 1989
98 mins

Science Fiction/Horror

W: David Peoples & Jeb Stuart
DP: Alex Thomson
Ed: Roberto Silvi & John F. Burnett
Mus: Jerry Goldsmith
PD: Ron Cobb

Peter Weller (Steven Beck), Richard Crenna (Dr. Glen Thompson), Amanda Pays (Elizabeth Williams), Daniel Stern (Buzz 'Sixpack' Parrish), Ernie Hudson (Justin Jones)

1989 saw three "Alien under the sea" horror/sci-fi pictures of which Leviathan was, by far, the worst (the other two were big budget The Abyss and B-movie Deepstar Six).
This bargain bucket thriller utilises the exact same plot as Ridley Scott's 1979 classic, with inferior performances, tacky creature design, rubbish visual effects and cheap, predictable death scenes. Deepstar Six was marginally better, and that's saying something.