Layer Cake

D: Matthew Vaughn
Columbia/Sony Pictures Classics (Adam Bohling, David Reid & Matthew Vaughn)
UK/US 2004
105 mins


W: J.J. Connolly [based on his novel]
DP: Ben Davis
Ed: Jon Harris
Mus: Lisa Gerrard

Daniel Craig (XXXX), Sienna Miller (Tammy), Colm Meaney (Gene), Michael Gambon (Eddie), Tom Hardy (Clarkie), Tamer Hassan (Terry), Dexter Fletcher (Cody), Ben Whishaw (Sidney)

Some British gangster films become classics, others can easily be ignored and the rest simply fade into obscurity. Layer Cake doesn't fit into any of these moulds, as it's less a gangster film and more a showreel for casting agents to groom Daniel Craig as a suitable choice for the next James Bond (which worked).
There isn't much story here and what is there is all quite forgettable. It's all style over substance and just another Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels clone.

Daniel Craig in Layer Cake
Daniel Craig in Layer Cake