The Hustler

D: Robert Rossen
20th Century Fox (Robert Rossen)
US 1961
134 mins


W: Sidney Carroll & Robert Rossen [based on the novel by Walter Tevis]
DP: Eugene Schuftan
Ed: Dede Allen
Mus: Kenyon Hopkins
PD: Harry Horner
Cos: Ruth Morley

Paul Newman ('Fast' Eddie Felson), Jackie Gleason (Minnesota Fats), Piper Laurie (Sarah Packard), George C. Scott (Bert Gordon), Myron McCormick (Charlie Burns), Murray Hamilton (Findlay)

Paul Newman is the king of cool in this 1960's classic, as much a drama about alcoholism and addiction as it is a sports movie.
Newman plays "Fast" Eddie Felson, a pool room con artist who goes from smoky pool hall to smoky pool hall, winning money off his opponents before they even realise they've been hustled, but Felson falls into problems himself when he falls in love with an alcoholic. 
Paul Newman has rarely been better and though he didn't win an Oscar for this film, playing the same character eventually won him Best Actor for the sequel, The Color Of Money (qv), released 25 years later.

Paul Newman in The Hustler
Paul Newman in The Hustler