Hot Tub Time Machine

D: Steve Pink
MGM/United Artists/New Crime (John Cusack, Grace Loh, John Morris & Matt Moore)
US 2010
99 mins


W: Josh Heald, Sean Anders & John Morris         
DP: Jack N. Green
Ed: George Folsey, Jr. & James Thomas
Mus: Christophe Beck

John Cusack (Adam Yates), Rob Corddry (Lou Dorchen), Craig Robinson (Nick Webber-Agnew), Clark Duke (Jacob Yates), Crispin Glover (Phil Wedmaier), Lizzy Caplan (April Drennan), Chevy Chase (The Repairman)

Put The Hangover, Back To The Future & Groundhog Day in a hot tub and this movie is the result. There's no rhyme or reason for the time travel, as a group of friends revisit a ski resort from their youth and wake up after a night of binge drinking in 1985. This is a movie in love with the 80's, with countless references to movies, music, fashion and trends of the time.  Chevy Chase appears as a mystical repair man who attempts to explain the unexplainable, but it's best explained by Craig Robinson's character when he deadpans into the camera "It must be some kind of hot tub time machine."
Sometimes a film doesn't have to make total sense to be enjoyable and this is a good example. A nostalgic guilty pleasure or sheer lunacy, it's still great entertainment, with some brilliantly hilarious moments.

The cast of Hot Tub Time Machine
The cast of Hot Tub Time Machine