Hot Fuzz

Big cops. Small town. Moderate violence.
Big cops. Small town. Moderate violence.
D: Edgar Wright
Universal/Studio Canal/Working Title/Big Talk (Nira Park, Tim Bevan & Eric Fellner)
UK 2007
116 mins
W: Edgar Wright & Simon Pegg
DP: Jess Hall
Ed: Chris Dickens
Mus: David Arnold
PD: Marcus Rowland

Simon Pegg (Sgt. Nicholas Angel), Nick Frost (PC Danny Butterman), Jim Broadbent (Insp. Frank Butterman), Timothy Dalton (Simon Skinner), Olivia Colman (PC Doris Thatcher), Paddy Considine (DS Andy Wainwright)
Since this film is the second of the so-called "Cornetto Trilogy" (following Shaun Of The Dead (qv)) it's easier to get drawn into it, despite it being complete and utter nonsense.
Perfectionist police officer Nick Angel is exiled to an idyllic, lackadaisical West Country village where virtually no crimes happen aside from rogue swans terrorising front gardens and a small problem of underage drinking. The rest of the small village's police force mock Angel's arrival, except for Nick Frost's overzealous officer who looks up to him as a big city hero, obsessed with generic cops and robbers movies (Bad Boys, etc), he expects the real duties of an English bobby to include the action-packed thrills of their Hollywood counterparts.
The two officers soon discover that the town and its people aren't nearly as peaceful as they've previously been led to believe, culminating in a high octane, frenetically edited shootout at the local supermarket.
The film lacks satire and doesn't send up other genres and movies the way Shaun Of The Dead does, but is still reasonably entertaining, despite the fact that it's absolutely ridiculous.

Nick Frost & Simon Pegg in Hot Fuzz
Nick Frost & Simon Pegg in Hot Fuzz