Hide & Seek

HIDE & SEEK (15)
D: John Polson
20th Century Fox (Barry Josephson)
US/Germany 2005
101 mins
W: Ari Schlossberg
DP: Dariusz Wolski
Ed: Jeffrey Ford
Mus: John Ottman
Robert DeNiro (Dr. David Callaway), Dakota Fanning (Emily Callaway), Famke Janssen (Dr. Katherine Carson), Elisabeth Shue (Elizabeth Young), Amy Irving (Allison Callaway)
Following the death of his wife, Robert DeNiro does what any doting father would do, take his daughter to live near the creepiest woods in America so she can mourn her mother. Low and behold, there's inevitable eerie happenings in their new home, which affect the lives of both father and daughter.
It's almost guaranteed that if you've seen a handful of horror movies then the events in this will be ridiculously predictable, even if four alternative endings were filmed (a true sign of poor screenwriting).
Dakota Fanning delivers a decent performance but everyone else ought to be embarrassed by their contributions, especially Hollywood heavyweight DeNiro, who really should no better after appearing in similarly-themed Godsend (qv) shortly prior to the release of this.

Robert DeNiro in Hide & Seek
Robert DeNiro in Hide & Seek