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D: Alan Von Smithee (William Friedkin)
Universal (Joe Wizan)
USA 🇺🇸 1990
93 mins


W: Stephen Volk & Dan Greenburg [based on the novel "The Nanny" by Dan Greenburg]
DP: John A. Alonzo
Ed: Seth Flaum
Mus: Jack Hues

Jenny Seagrove (Camilla Grandier / Diana Julian), Dwier Brown (Phil Sterling), Carey Lowell (Kate Sterling), Brad Hall (Ned Runcie)

William Friedkin returns to Exorcist territory with this rather by-the-numbers horror about a satanic child carer.
Jenny Seagrove delivers a decent performance as the titular antagonist, but the film is neither scary nor particularly memorable.
Friedkin subsequently disassociated himself from the project, with the director credited as Alan Von Smithee when it was broadcast on television. It's never a good omen whenever the Smithee pseudonym is used

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