The Great Outdoors

D: Howard Deutsch
Universal/Hughes (Arne L. Schmidt)
USA 🇺🇸 1988
90 mins


W: John Hughes
DP: Ric Waite
Ed: Tom Rolf, William Gordean & Seth Flaum
Mus: Thomas Newman
PD: John W. Corso

Dan Aykroyd (Roman Craig), John Candy (Chet Ripley), Stephanie Faracy (Connie Ripley), Annette Bening (Katie Craig)

The format from The Odd Couple is transported from the big city to a rural retreat in woods with John Candy & Dan Aykroyd as the mismatched duo, one a family man on vacation with his wife and kids, the other wealthy and obnoxious.
A rather standard John Hughes-penned comedy which isn't anywhere close to his best work, although it does contain a couple of laugh out loud moments, unfortunately not enough. Some of the funniest moments unfortunately are quite regretfully at the expense of the wildlife. An eighties comedy which is very much stuck in its own time now.

John Candy & Dan Aykroyd in The Great Outdoors
John Candy & Dan Aykroyd in The Great Outdoors