D: Nick Hamm
Lions Gate/2929 (Marc Butan, Cathy Schulman & Sean O'Keefe)
USA/Canada 🇺🇸 🇨🇦 2004
102 mins


W: Mark Bomback
DP: Kramer Morgenthau
Ed: Steve Mirkovich & Niven Howie
Mus: Brian Tyler

Greg Kinnear (Paul Duncan), Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (Jessie Duncan), Robert DeNiro (Richard Wells), Cameron Bright (Adam Duncan)

Poorly-scripted clone of The Omen which attempts to give a sermon about the unholiness of cloning.
Greg Kinnear & Rebecca Romijn-Stamos play a married couple who are devestated when their son Adam dies, but the grieving is cushioned when a genetics professor claims he can clone the boy. 
Life then chirps along blissfully for the couple until 'Adam II' becomes the minion of the antichrist.
The story delivers more moments of toe-curling embarrassment rather than shocks and the fact that the DVD version has five alternative endings proves that even the screenwriters didn't have a clue what the hell they were writing.
Cameron Bright in Godsend
Cameron Bright in Godsend