Girls Trip


D: Malcolm D. Lee

Universal/Perfect World (Malcolm D. Lee & Will Packer)

USA 🇺🇸 2017

122 mins


W: Kenya Barris & Tracy Oliver

DP: Greg Gardiner

Ed: Paul Millspaugh

Mus: David Newman

Regina Hall (Ryan Pierce), Queen Latifah (Sasha Franklin), Jada Pinkett Smith (Lisa Cooper), Tiffany Haddish (Dina), Larenz Tate (Julian Stevens), Mike Colter (Stewart Pierce), Kate Walsh (Elizabeth Davelli)

If Bridesmaids (qv) was the female version of The Hangover (qv), then Girls Trip (no apostrophe) is the African-American equivalent. Unfortunately, it's not very funny, unless you fall into the very limited target group at which it's marketed.

I'm very much outside of this demographic, so can only review it from my own perspective, but the majority of jokes revolve around the main cast being A: Female and B: Black. Side-splitting. The remaining  jokes appear to be either about how big cocks can be or similar puerile, infantile female-variants of fart humour. The story even has a bit of time to rant about cultural misappropriation as though the producers took a backhander from Buzzfeed.

When Jada Pinkett Smith threw her childish tantrum before the 88th Academy Awards and demanded that Hollywood studios make more films that appease her, is this really what she meant?

The funniest thing about Girls Trip is that there was a heavy campaign for it to be considered at the Oscars. 


The cast of Girls Trip
The cast of Girls Trip