D: Robert Schwentke
Touchstone/Imagine (Brian Grazer)
USA/Germany 🇺🇸 🇩🇪 2005
98 mins
W: Peter A. Dowling & Billy Ray
DP: Florian Ballhaus 
Ed: Thom Noble 
Mus: James Horner
Jodie Foster (Kyle Pratt), Peter Sarsgaard (Gene Carson), Sean Bean (Capt. Marcus Rich), Kate Beahan (Stephanie), Erika Christiansen (Fiona)
Flightplan is essentially a modern spin on The Lady Vanishes (qv) which sees Jodie Foster & her screen daughter boarding a flight back to America, but halfway through the journey the child disappears, leaving Foster to frantically search for her, alienating the flight crew as well as the rest of the passengers.
A more believable screenplay could have made something better from the source material, unfortunately there's so many plot twists & red herrings that it borders on ludicrous, especially since it's obvious from very early on in proceedings who the real bad guy is.
Jodie Foster plays her character excellently, but aside from her performance the film has little else to recommend it and is totally forgettable.
Jodie Foster in Flightplan
Jodie Foster in Flightplan