Disturbing Behaviour

You'll never be the same
You'll never be the same
D: David Nutter
MGM/Village Roadshow/Hoyts/Beacon (Armyan Bernstein & John Shestack)
USA 🇺🇸 1998
84 mins

Science Fiction/Horror

W: Scott Rosenberg
DP: John S. Bartley
Ed: Randy Jon Morgan
Mus: Mark Snow

James Marsden (Steve Clark), Katie Holmes (Rachel Wagner), Nick Stahl (Gavin Strick), Steve Railsback (Officer Cox), Bruce Greenwood (Dr. Edgar Caldicott), William Sadler (Dorian Newberry)

A poorly devised, god-awful cross between Dawson's Creek and The Stepford Wives.
Rebellious kids at a high school find their friends are being turned into prefects by the creepy megalomaniac dean. 
It's all quite ridiculous and seems to only have been made to capitalise on an inexplicable line of dialogue in which a character says "Hey, teacher! Leave them kids alone." (I wish I was making this up).
This film flunks on most levels.
Katie Holmes in Disturbing Behaviour
Katie Holmes in Disturbing Behaviour