Danny Collins


D: Dan Fogelberg

Bleecker Street/Big Indie (Nimitt Mankad, Jessie Nelson, Denise DiNovi & Shivani Rawat)

USA 🇺🇸 2015

106 mins




W: Dan Fogelberg

DP: Steve Yedlin

Ed: Julie Monroe

Mus: Theodore Shapiro; Ryan Adams


Al Pacino (Danny Collins), Annette Bening (Mary Sinclair), Christopher Plummer (Frank Grubman), Bobby Cannavale (Tom Donnelly), Jennifer Garner (Samantha Lee Donnelly)


Danny Collins is a better film than it may sound, but isn't completely without faults, especially in some of the dialogue which doesn't ring true and an ending which nosedives into mawkishness before a swift change of direction saves it from complete predictability.

Al Pacino plays the title character, a washed-out, ageing, drug-addicted singer with shades of Neil Diamond to his act, still commanding a large audience but something is missing from his life.  He hits a crisis point when he receives a belated letter from the late John Lennon, prompting him to move out of his mansion to live in a hotel, where he romances the divorced manager and attempts to repair his relationship with his estranged son.

Al Pacino returns to his usual fine form with his leading performance, but the story doesn't stray too far from the familiar.


Al Pacino in Danny Collins
Al Pacino in Danny Collins