The Cat From Outer Space

D: Norman Tokar
Disney (Ron Miller)
USA 🇺🇸 1978
103 mins
Fantasy/Science Fiction
W: Ted Key
DP: Charles F. Wheeler
Ed: Cotton Warburton
Mus: Lalo Schifrin
Ken Berry (Dr. Frank Wilson), Roddy McDowell (Mr. Stallwood), Sandy Duncan (Dr. Liz Bartlett), Harry Morgan (Gen. Stilton), Ronnie Schell (voice of Jake / Sgt. Duffy)
The 1970's saw Disney less focused on animated films and more on live action family films, predominantly for a young audience. The output was of various quality and didn't really ignite any sparks at the box office.
This live action offering is about a superintelligent extraterrestrial cat who lands on Earth to make repairs to it's spacecraft.
It's a rather humble film, with no great set pieces or visual effects, but it's pleasing to its intended market, though it's probably only watchable nowadays as a nostalgia piece.

The Cat From Outer Space
The Cat From Outer Space