The Care Bears Movie

D: Arna Selznick
Nelvana (Michael Hirsch, Patrick Loubert & Clive Smith)  
USA 🇺🇸 1985
75 mins
W: Peter Sauder
Mus: John B. Sebastian
Voices of: Mickey Rooney (Nicholas Cherrywood), Georgia Engel (Love-A-Lot Bear), Eva Almos (Friend Bear / Champ Bear / Swift Heart Rabbit)
Average, undemanding animated film produced as an advertisement for a range of children toys.
The story is adequate entertainment for the under 8's, following a group of magical bears who try to overcome an evil spirit who wishes misery upon everyone.
Very much a product of its time.
A much darker themed sequel was released two years later, though the animation as a whole was of similar quality.

The Care Bears Movie
The Care Bears Movie