D: Jonathan Frakes
Paramount/Nickelodeon/Valhalla (Gale Anne Hurd & Julia Pistor)
USA 🇺🇸 2002
94 mins
Science Fiction/Adventure
W: Rob Hedden, J. David Stern & David N. Weiss
DP: Tim Suhrstedt
Ed: Peter E. Berger & Jeff W. Canavan
Mus: Jamsheid Sharifi

Jesse Bradford (Zak Gibbs), French Stewart (Earl Dopler), Paula Garces (Francesca), Michael Biehn (Henry Gates), Robin Thomas (Dr. George Gibbs), Julia Sweeney (Jenny Gibbs)
A teenager discovers a device which has the ability to make time stand still.
Despite some good visual effects, the film and storyline pander only to a teenage audience and alienates everyone else, but considering the film was co-produced by Nickelodeon, perhaps this should be expected.
It's a shame that a promising idea is put to waste with no real style or energy, better investment and more focus could have ensured a more timeless film, rather than something completely forgettable.