D: Norman Tokar
Disney (Hugh Attwooll)
UK 🇬🇧 1977
101 mins
W: David Swift & Rosemary Anne Sisson [based on the novel "Christmas At Candleshoe" by Michael Innes]
DP: Paul Beeson
Ed: Peter Boita 
Mus: Ron Goodwin
David Niven (Priory), Helen Hayes (Lady St. Edmund), Jodie Foster (Casey Brown), Leo McKern (Bundage)
Another Disney film produced in the UK during the late 1970's, exploiting a tax loophole which gives this twee children's movie enough reason to exist alone.
The story, based on a novel by Michael Innes, sees a young, tomboyish girl pretend to be a heiress with the help of a noble butler. The result is an adolescent take on Pygmalion.
It's adequate entertainment for a rainy weekend or Christmas TV for young'uns, but it's really not worth going out of your way for. Jodie Foster and David Niven are great, but the film just feels like more run-of-the-mill stuff to see the studio through a cautious financial period.

Jodie Foster in Candleshoe
Jodie Foster in Candleshoe