Body Snatchers

D: Abel Ferrara
Warner Bros. (Robert H. Solo)
USA 🇺🇸 1993
90 mins
Science Fiction
W: Stuart Gordon, Dennis Paoli & Nicholas St. John [based on the novel 'Invasion Of The Body Snatchers' by Jack Kinney]
DP: Bojan Bazelli
Ed: Anthony Redman
Mus: Joe Delia
Gabrielle Anwar (Marti Malone), Terry Kinney (Steve Malone), Billy Wirth (Tim Young), Meg Tilly (Carol Malone), R. Lee Ermey (Gen. Platt), Forest Whitaker (Maj. Collins)
Pointless 1990's remake of Invasion Of The Body Snatcher (surprisingly produced by the same person responsible for the superior 1978 version). 
This time the action is set wholly on an Alabama military base and appears to be marketed solely towards a teenage audience. The performances can't be faulted but it lacks the thrills and suspense which made the previous versions interesting to watch. It also seems a regression that the second remake of Jack Kinney's novel would limit the action to a single location after the previous film was set in the municipality of San Francisco.
Unsurprisingly it went straight to video in the UK.

Gabrielle Anwar in Body Snatchers
Gabrielle Anwar in Body Snatchers