Body Shots

One night will change eight lives forever
One night will change eight lives forever
D: Michael Cristofer
New Line (Jennifer Keohane & Harry Colomby)
USA 🇺🇸 1999
106 mins
W: David McKenna
DP: Rodrigo Garcia
Ed: Eric Sears
Mus: Mark Isham
Sean Patrick Flannery (Rick Hamilton), Jerry O'Connell (Michael Penorisi), Amanda Peet (Jane Bannister), Tara Reid (Sara Olswang), Ron Livingston (Trent)
Unpleasant drama about unpleasant people and their lives of casual sex and excess. The film distastefully starts as a comedy before centring on a plot of whether or not Michael (Jerry O'Connell) rapes Sara (Tara Reid), shown from varying points of view.
It's almost impossible to care because both characters are just so unlikeable, and the supporting characters aren't particularly pleasant either.

Body Shots
Body Shots