Blame it on the Bellboy

D: Mark Herman
Warner Bros./Hollywood (Jennifer Howarth)     
UK 🇬🇧 1992
78 mins
W: Mark Herman
DP: Andrew Dunn
Ed: Mike Ellis
Mus: Guy Dagel
PD: Gemma Jackson
Dudley Moore (Melvyn Orton), Bryan Brown (Mike Lorton), Richard Griffiths (Maurice Horton), Andreas Katsulas (Mr. Scarpa), Patsy Kensit (Caroline Wright), Alison Steadman (Rosemary Horton), Penelope Wilson (Patricia Fulford), Bronson Pinchot (The Bellboy)
Stupid farce about a bellboy who confuses the names of similar named guests at a Venice hotel, one of whom is a hitman.
It's all very silly and only has the one joke which carries the whole movie. It simply isn't enough.  Might have worked better as a 20-30 minute sketch, although at 78 minutes, at least not too much time is wasted on this nonsense. Blame it on the screenplay.

Blame It On The Bellboy
Blame It On The Bellboy
Did You Know:
The movie's Venetian exteriors were shot entirely on location in Venice, Italy.