Beautiful Thing

D: Hettie MacDonald
Film4/World (Tony Garnett & Bill Shapter)
UK 🇬🇧 1996
91 mins
W: Jonathan Harvey [based on his play]
DP: Chris Seager
Ed: Don Fairservice
Mus: John Altman
PD: Mark Stevenson
Linda Henry (Sandra Gangel), Glen Barry (Jamie Gangel), Scott Neal (Ste Pearce), Ben Daniels (Tony), Tameka Empson (Leah Russell)
A drama about two schoolboys on a tough South London housing estate who begin a gay relationship together. 
The film is very well-intentioned but takes a really politically correct stance and lacks any real conflict, especially since it presents a (then) controversial subject in a gritty, urban location. Much better use of an underlying theme was utilised to greater effect in My Beautiful Launderette (qv).
If you're not a Mamas & Papas fan then the soundtrack to this will really get on your tits, although the film just can't be hated simply for the purpose of promoting tolerance and acceptance that it serves.

Beautiful Thing
Beautiful Thing
Did You Know:
A rainbow depicted in an early scene foreshadows the nature and themes of the movie. The LGBT community use an emblem of a rainbow as a symbol of empowerment and unity.