Atomic Blonde


D: David Leitch

Focus Features/87 Eleven/Denver & Delilah/Closed On Mondays (Charlize Theron, Beth Kono, A.J. Dix, Kelly McCormick, Eric Gitter & Peter Schwerin)

USA 🇺🇸 2017

115 mins


W: Kurt Johnstad [based on the graphic novel "The Coldest City" by Antony Johnston & Sam Hart]

DP: Jonathan Sela

Ed: Elisabet Ronaldsdottir

Mus: Tyler Bates

Charlize Theron (Lorraine Broughton), James McAvoy (David Percival), John Goodman (Emmett Kurzfeld), Eddie Marsan (Spyglass), Til Schweiger (Watchmaker), Toby Jones (Eric Gray), Sofia Boutella (Delphine Lasalle)

Set in Cold War Germany in the days leading up to the collapse of the Berlin Wall, an MI6 spy investigates the death of another agent so a top secret list of double agents working behind enemy lines can be retrieved.

Bond with a female twist, the action scenes are very well choreographed and the cinematography throughout is glorious, capturing the neon-tinted 80's with style. The cast don't disappoint and the soundtrack is brimful with classic 80's electronica.

Unfortunately, the pacing and non-linear narrative drag, but it still makes for a decent action movie with a badass protagonist expertly portrayed by Charlize Theron.


Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde
Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde
Did You Know:
A key fight sequence that unfolds in a real Berlin building lasts for almost 10 minutes in what appears to be an unbroken take when, in fact, the sequence comprises almost 40 separate shots seamlessly stitched together. Though filmed chronologically from start to finish, nearly half the splices needed some degree of CGI assistance. Swish-pans provided the simplest solutions for smooth cuts and door frames provided vertical seams for smoothly bridging some segments.

Award Wins & Nominations:


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CinEuphoria (Best Actress); Hawaii Film Critics (Best Stunts); World Stunt Awards (Best Fight, Best High Work)